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Founded in 1983 with the name Nelson Oliveira Gomes and construction company, eventually gave rise to the creation of several establishments:

1994 – Starts Gomes House (headquarters) in São João da Pesqueira and an affiliate thereof in Sendim (Tabuaço);

2001 – Forward a growth strategy by opening the Gresdemo, which has its premises in the Industrial Area of Tondela with an area of ​​1000m² warehouse and 750m² of exhibition;

2005 – Amends the statutes of the House Gomes (headquarters) and becomes a limited liability company with the name Azuldouro, which features a showroom and a warehouse which amounts to a total area of 1600sqm in industrial zone of S. João da Pesqueira and a shop selling plumbing and fittings situated in the village;

2006 – Amends the statutes of the House Gomes (subsidiary) and becomes a limited liability company with Gomesgresdouro designation, which has its facilities in Sendim (Tabuaço) with an area of 1700sqm which includes an exhibition hall, a zone of articles and plumbing fittings and a warehouse of goods;

2013 – Birth of company MACODEMO - GRUPO NELSON GOMES - based in Tondela, with 4,000 sqm of total area. Has 2000sqm of commercial space which is divided into two spaces: the BRICODEMO (zone DIY, construction, decoration and garden) and GRESDEMO (construction zone, furniture and kitchens materials).

• Lead and assert gresdemo in the region.

• The company's mission is to work daily to create conditions that convey confidence in customers, brands, products and solutions marketed by us.

• Being privileged partner of customers in supply of construction materials in the region.

• Ensuring customer loyalty by ensuring the satisfaction of their expectations, based on proximity, honesty, rigor, responsibility and innovation.

• Create good working valuing, motivating and training the human resources.